Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Princess Charlotte can’t have a best friend at Thomas Battersea

An expert panellist during a discussion on the royal family disclosed the real reason why Princess Charlotte is unable to have the same best friend as Thomas Battersea.

This information was brought to the public’s attention by royal reporter Jane Moore during her appearance on the Loose Women panel.

“It’s a really wonderful little school, in reality,” she was quoted as saying in the story, “for the reasons that I believe it places a high emphasis on kindness, which is a big concern in that school, and for the fact that the pastoral care is fantastic.”

In the event that your child is hosting a party, you are not permitted to distribute invitations in class until every child in the class has been invited, according to school rules.

Finally, the panellist called attention to one of the most distinctive features of Thomas Battersea and admitted, “It’s one of his most defining characteristics.” “Signs encouraging students to be courteous can be found all throughout the campus; it is part of the school’s culture to do so. They don’t pressurise you into developing close relationships with other people.”

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