Friday, February 23, 2024

Prince William may need to delegate to ‘non-royals’

When he becomes king, Prince William will likely appoint councilors of state. Dr. Craig Prescott of Bangor University said the next king and queen “may have a smaller royal family” in 20 years.

“We may need a different approach at some point.” For some tasks, we may delegate authority to the heir to the throne.

“The Prince of Wales (later Edward VII) held Privy Council sessions on Queen Victoria’s behalf as she travelled abroad,” the author stated.

“Another option is to include non-royals as counsellors of state, potentially alongside a royal.”

“Like the Royal Family, retired Supreme Court judges are politically neutral.”

“Counsellors of State were sometimes non-royals before the 1937 Regency Act.” In 1911, Prince Arthur of Connaught and the Archbishop of Canterbury became Counsellors of State.

“Long-term, if the Royal Family isn’t accessible, we may have to consider this.” “But this is for the future, not now,” he continued.

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