Monday, April 15, 2024

Prince Harry’s memoir is ‘becoming darker’

Prince Harry plans to reveal “some of his darker periods” in the Royal Family. Nick Bullen admitted this to Us Weekly.

“We have a documentary coming out in December,” he said. “The book is in January.”

Netflix paid a lot for this documentary. So Harry and Meghan must say more than, “We love each other and live in Montecito.” “This sandwich needs meat.”

He recalled chats between Prince Harry and old friends who helped him “dredge up” old memoirs and warned “some of his darkest periods” may be added.

Mr. Bullen continued, “Whether that’s for the book or the documentary, I don’t know, but a lot of people have asked him, “Why are you going back over this old brand?” “Why are you rehashing this?”

Before ending, he said, “Those closest to him in the U.K. or who were close to him in the past are concerned about how far he’s going.” “I don’t know if he puts all that in the book or document, but he’s done a lot of early childhood research.”

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