Sunday, December 10, 2023

Prince Harry’s denies that he will publish a second book following the death of the Queen

Following a Daily Mail article indicated that Prince Harry was under fire, he would publish his second Memoir after the death of the Queen Elizabeth.

The spokesman of the Duke of Sussex claimed that all such accusations were denied.

A remark was made by the speaker that Harry signed a “profitful four-book contract – the second just after his death,” as stated in the article. The spokesman replied.

Harry had previously shown that he had written a “precise and completely true” book that will be published late 2022, months after the Jubilee of the Queen’s Platinum in June.

“I have been wearing many hats over the years, both physically and in terms of imagery, and my aim is that I might help illustrate that whatever we come from, we can have more in common than we think in recounting my tale – the higher and lower, the mists, the lessons learnt.”

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