Thursday, February 22, 2024

Prince Harry told ‘incendiary’ biography may ignite ‘forest fires’

Royal specialists are concerned that the “rehashing” of old wounds in Prince Harry’s “incendiary” memoir could set fire to the grounds of Buckingham Palace.

According to Express UK, royal analyst Jonathan Sacerdoti is the one who reportedly made this assertion.

He began by addressing concerns regarding “ancient wounds,” which he said spark “greater controversy” and prove to be “more combustible” than they were in the past.

He was also described as saying, “Harry and Megan have already made explosive claims of racism against the Royal Family, and any allegations made after revisiting the death of Diana could prove to be much more incendiary.” This statement was taken from a quote attributed to him.

“Focusing on Diana will of course bring even more exposure and attention to the book and to the Prince himself, which in and of itself can have a bad influence on the Prince’s psychological well-being.”

“He and Meghan have previously voiced their dissatisfaction with the attention they received from the media, and it appears that this trend will continue.”

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