Saturday, December 2, 2023

Prince Harry says that he’s going to be devastated after Meghan Markle ‘sacrifices all’

Prince Harry, according to royal expert Duncan Larcombe, would come out from the ongoing shredded royal conflict since he sacrificed everything for Meghan Markle.

He claimed that Prince Harry had given up everything in Great Britain for Meghan to reside in the United States and establish a new life but he might disrupt his marriage in attempting to make a connection with the royal family.

“Prince Harry’s relations with his family have been entirely sacrificed in order for his new life to be with Meghan,” he said Closer magazine.

“I think Harry and Meghan have to make a compromise, and perhaps maintain their marriage, to cooperate with the royals – because he will become split apart between the world of Meghan and his own family,” Larcombe added.

He said Harry might have enjoyed the difference in living in the U.S., but the recent journey back also showed what he misses in the UK.

“I suppose that coming back and seeing his brother may perhaps make him wonder what all this has for,” Larcombe ended, especially against the very moveable background of a tribute to his mother.

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