Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Prince Harry’s lawsuit against UK Home Office begins in High Court

According to Prince Harry’s legal representative, his wife and children will not permit to visit the United Kingdom without police protection. He stated last month that he was disputing the decision of UK Home Office and filed lawsuit. So, the High Court convened a procedural hearing for his legal case.

For the Home Secretary’s legal team, the Prince had failed to offer the requisite level of respect to the professional bodies. He further claimed that Harry’s offer to cover the cost of his police protection was irrelevant.

A court review of the decision to deny Harry and his family police protection has announced in January. It stated in a statement by his attorney that Prince Harry had born with a inherited threat to his safety. His private security team can not provide the same level of protection as that provided by police while in UK.

Prior to their re-entry into royal life in March 2020, the Sussexes have afforded taxpayer-funded police security. The security he received on visits to the United Kingdom would depend on the specific circumstances of each trip.

During today’s procedural hearing of lawsuit against UK Home Office, the court will determine what information about the case can be made public and what cannot.

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