Wednesday, December 6, 2023

‘Neo-Nazi’ Prince Harry is racistly blaming others

Prince Harry has been criticised for making racist accusations against the Royal Family while wearing a swastika.

Mike Graham said this on TalkTV with Angela Levin.

Ms. Levin said, “They say they’ve ventured to criticise the monarchy’s bigotry, which is why they’re presenting this [award].” Who wears a swastika in the royal family? “

Mike Graham later explained, “That was Harry.” He blamed the Duke of Sussex for calling someone “nasty” at Sandringham when he was in officer training.

Ms. Levin called this “pot calling the kettle black.”

“Kennedy’s daughter gave them this award. From Oprah’s interview, they’ve never revealed who wonders about Archie’s skin color.”

“He could have inquired about his hair color.” 

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