Saturday, December 2, 2023

Prince Harry ignored Meghan Markle’s suggestion for a Princess Diana reunion

During his visit to Princess Diana‘s revelation of the statue, Prince Harry rejected the counsel he received from Meghan Markle.

The Duke of Sussex dived his grey suit, for which he had chosen a Marine one since his wedding for most royal outings with Meghan.

Richard Eden, Royal Commentary, “The amount of coordination between the brothers is one thing which nobody really has taken on.

“You might have realized both were wearing blue suits and since he met Meghan Harry has always stayed on his grey suit,” he said on Mail+ to the Palace Confidential.

“He always wears it but wore navy on this occasion, and I suppose she remarked, “You look beautiful in grey.” This was the favorite suit, Diana, for a male, it was a navy.

“He wasn’t wearing black, he was wearing the navy suit if you look at the burial of Prince Charles since Diana liked him best in the navy.

“In that, I believe there was obviously meaning,” the analyst stated.

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