Friday, February 23, 2024

Prince Harry always danger his life for country and wants to protect his family

We’ve all seen the video of Prince Harry interviewed in Afghanistan when he sprints into danger on alarm arised in background. He pulled the microphone out of his hands and went for war without hesitation. It’s not first time for this man to risk his life for nation. His wife and children deserve the same treatment but he’s going to have to legal battle for it.

Harry’s recent outrage could be reasonable if he was requesting free protection from the British government while in the country. However, this is not the case. He’s only asking for permission to make a purchase of a product he requires. Instead of food and milk, his family has round-the-clock armed security to keep out anybody.

It’s possible that any wealthy celebrity or prominent businessman might do the same like Prince Harry police protection. Those individuals have decided to stand out and as a result, they are solely responsible for their actions. But Prince Harry will always be the Queen’s grandson and his family life must not be in danger.

Using a private protection squad is not an option for him. There is no way that private security guards can equal the level of police protection. In order to access UK intelligence or the royal residences, they must first have the proper permission.

It’s easy to see why Harry is so adamant about protecting his family. Why he’s ready to take unprecedented legal measures to guarantee that they receive the greatest possible protection. There is too much he has already lost.

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