Monday, December 4, 2023

Prince Harry blows for ‘hurting’ Prince Charles

Prince Harry has been brought in by experts for his decision to use his father’s parenting tactics and his alleged shortcomings as a parent.

The lawsuit was filed by royal commentator Marlene Koenig, who is quoted as telling the Daily Star: “We don’t know if there was any feedback, private messages or anything like that but as Harry put it, his dad said, ‘You will be the same for you to be’ and then Harry thought “I don’t want this for my son”.

“You didn’t choose your father, you understand that you could have handled the situation differently. What William did change in the royal family. “

In conclusion, she said, “Charles and Diana were much more practical parents than their parents were. That changed and now William and Catherine are much more practical than Charles and Diana, so I find it unfair for Harry to say that he knows he was raised differently than his parents. “

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