Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Prince George left confused and annoyed after important activity

Prince George and Princess Charlotte return to school today after a lengthy and no doubt enjoyable Christmas break. Yesterday was the first day of lent for the brother and sister. Both students are studying at the exclusive Battersea, South London, Thomas’s School.

George is Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s oldest son. While it appears that the little prince likes his classes but he was supposedly confused and upset by one school activity.
His father Prince William said that his son had grown unhappy with the status of the globe after participating in litter collecting activities.

William revealed the following in a media interview from last year, “That’s what I didn’t know about George’s recent involvement in litter picking at school but talking to him the other day. He was already showing signs of frustration and confusion over the fact that they went litter picking one day. He returned the same route, time, and amount of trash the following day.

In the last year, William has made a concerted effort to raise awareness about climate change and environmental issues. As for George, he’s already expressing concern that the topic of climate change may remain be on the minds of his generation for decades.

He concluded by saying, “There should not be a third generation coming along and having to increase the pressure even more.”

George and Charlotte’s younger brother Prince Louis turns four in April and expected to join them at the same school.

William and Kate’s desire is to provide their children normal childhood. They must do as instructed by their teachers and abide by the school’s most essential rule. The school’s most essential guideline is Be Kind.

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