Thursday, March 30, 2023

Prince Charles called on nations to make an environmental deal for space

Prince of Wales, Charles said in an open letter to the nations that we should have to make an environemental deal for space. It claimed that the space trash business has projected to be worth billions. It is the result of the UK’s leadership role in clearing millions of particles of space debris.

The UK Space Agency is giving £1.7 million for 13 new initiatives to track and remove hazardous space debris. It has revealed by Science Minister George Freeman. He was also present with the prince at the company’s mission centre near Didcot, Oxfordshire.

His audience was a group of engineers from the private company Astroscale. This company is developing cutting-edge technology to catch dead satellites in order to either remove or repair them.

Astroscale is a world-leading platform for minimising very destructive space debris. It is assisting firms ensure that their satellites have removed and brought back to Earth when they die. Prince Charles informed the minister and business executives that an environmental management deal for space will be beneficial.

A staggering 330 million pieces of trash, ranging from defunct satellites to spent rocket bodies are now in orbit above the earth. A growing number of satellites have deployed to provide critical functions, such as communications and global climate monitoring. These satellites are at risk.

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