Friday, December 1, 2023

Prince Andrew’s sex scandal involved Sarah Ferguson’s ex-boyfriend

Prince Andrew got in touch with Sarah Ferguson’s ex-lover to get away from Jeffrey Epstein, who was making him look bad.

According to John Bryan, who is responsible for the photo that went viral showing him licking the toes of the Duchess of York in 1992, Prince Andrew, the second son of the Queen, urged him to restore his reputation.

Mr. Bryan, who is 67 years old, told a local newspaper that he was “smuggled” into the prince’s residence.

When Bryan entered the building, he observed that Andrew and Sarah were talking about something “distressing,” she said, adding that Sarah had contacted her “because that’s what I do.” “I reconstruct people’s lives, and I reconstruct defunct businesses.”

Bryan added Andrew yelled, “I do not appreciate how you are treating me.” Since the images had been taken, this was Mr. Bryan’s first interview.

After stepping down from his royal responsibilities in 2019, the Duke of York eventually had all of his military titles revoked in 2022.

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