Saturday, March 25, 2023

Sexual scandal of Prince Andrew can affect the Royal Family Brand

Public life of Prince Andrew has always riddled with scandal and now he is about to go on trial for a US federal charge of sexual assault. While the latest revelations will undoubtedly be upsetting to Andrew’s family and the woman who has accused him. The current issue also has the potential to damage public view of the royal family.

The British royal family is a corporation that relies on the public’s support for its existence. Consumerism has made it imperative that the monarchy provides a sense of stability and an appreciation for British values.

Dove and Lynx are examples of parent brands that allow brands to build their own distinct identities without being tied to the parent brand. In contrast, the royal family has become a household name. The principles and identity of the parent brand has reflected in each of its sub-brands.

It is clear that the title of HRH entails a duty to uphold royal standards. Whereas, Prince Andrew has failed badly in this area due to his sexual scandal. The royal family is making a concerted effort to distance itself strategically from Duke of York. Moreover, They also placate the public by appearing to punish him for his behaviour by prohibiting him from using this title.

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