Thursday, March 23, 2023

Queen Elizabeth took back all royal titles from Prince Andrew

On Thursday, Prince Andrew announced that he had returned his all royal titles to Queen Elizabeth. He also promised to continue his legal battle in the sexual assault case. The Prince will continue to refrain from performing official responsibilities. He will defend himself in this matter as a private person.

The statement sent by Prince Andrew stated as follows, “It has agreed that the Duke of York’s military associations and Royal patronages have returned to the Queen.It has done with the permission and acceptance of Her Majesty.”

Recently, US judge declined to dismiss a legal complaint against Duke of York on Wednesday. If Prince Andrew fails to win an appeal against verdict, he will have to testify in a sex assault case. He will have to undergo cross-examination on areas of his personal life in order to clear his reputation.

Queen Elizabeth took the unprecedented step of stripping Prince Andrew of his all royal titles. He’ll also not can attened and royal or military functions.

Buckingham Palace affirmed it on Thursday, “The Duke of York’s military affiliations and royal patronages have been restored to the queen. The Prince will continue to refrain from performing any official obligations and is defending himself in this matter on his own behalf.”

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