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Prince Andrew lobbied the Queen for his return until she died

According to a report from the UK’s Daily Express, King Charles talked to Prince Andrew after learning that his brother was “persistently lobbying” the sick Queen for his return to royal life. The report comes from the UK.

After Virginia Giuffre said that Andrew abused her sexually when she was a child, Andrew lost his military titles and royal patronages. Andrew had been known as the favorite child of the late Queen Elizabeth.

A source told the Daily Express that Andrew “always thought there was a way back” to royal duties and that he thought he could “still be of value” to the Royal Family.

It was reported that Charles and Andrew had a meeting early in the morning at the King’s Birkhall estate in Scotland just days before the Queen passed away. The location of the meeting is unknown.

King George III has confirmed, the report says, that the Duke of York will not be taking part in any more royal duties.

According to what Ephraim Hardcastle wrote in his column for the Daily Mail, Charles arranged for the meeting to take place after he learned of his brother’s appeals to the Queen.

It states that “a source whispers that Charles had been tipped off by the Queen’s senior staff that Andrew’s persistent lobbying of the ailing monarch to restore him as a “working royal” was taking its toll,” and it goes on to say that Charles had been informed by the Queen’s senior staff that Andrew’s lobbying was taking its toll.

Andrew was aware that there was no longer any chance for him to recover if his mother did not help him.

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