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Prices of nearly 100 drugs increased by 262%


ISLAMABAD: The federal government has approved a 262% price increase on nearly 100 local and imported medicines in Pakistan, according to a notice released Thursday.

According to the notification, the prices of 94 drugs rose between 9% and 262%, further exacerbating the plight of the common people in the country.

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Lahore Herald was given the names of the drugs, the new prices and a copy of the message. Drugs that became more expensive included drugs used to treat fever, headache, heart disease, malaria, diabetes, sore throat, flu, stomach and stomach pain, and illness. skin, postpartum and infections of the eyes, ears, teeth, mouth and blood, as well as some antibiotics.

These included 68 local drugs and 26 imported drugs, according to the notice, citing a decrease in the availability of drugs in the market, an increase in dollar value, and more expensive raw materials as factors that have contributed to the drugs becoming more expensive.

However, he added that pharmaceutical companies should not be allowed to further increase their prices until June 2021.

Speaking to the media, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister of Health, Dr. Faisal Sultan, said that today’s most expensive drugs are “the drugs that save lives and that have old formulas”.

“These drugs are no longer available due to the lack of an appropriate price change and will eventually be sold on the black market,” said Dr. Sultan.

“It was important to make sure that drug prices were affordable for everyone,” he added, noting that drugs that were previously available at higher prices will now be available instead.

The job of the government and Pakistan’s Medicines Regulatory Authority (DRAP), he explained, was to make sure everyone in the country can get medicine.

SAPM said the prices of these drugs need to be increased slightly, “enough to make them available to everyday people.”

He focused on the hypothesis that the federal government may have sworn to the demands of the drug companies, saying, “Now we are bowing to the pressure from the drug companies.

Dr. Sultan said a list of more expensive drugs will be posted on the website.

“We are working on a new pricing policy,” he explains, adding that the government is implementing reforms in all health facilities.

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