Saturday, December 2, 2023

President Biden granted 100M dollars for Afghan refugees in emergency funding

U.S. President Joe Biden authorized an emergency fund of up to $100 million for unexpected urgent refugee requirements. It is including for Afghan visa specialists for migration.

President Biden also approved the disclosure by US Government Agencies of $200 million in inventory and items to fulfil these similar demands.

The US is ready to begin to evacuate thousands of Afghan Specific Immigration Visa (SIV) applicants. They are who face reprisal for the US Government.

Afghans served as interpreters or in other US government jobs during the US invasion in 2001 are offering special visas to immigrants.

Furthermore, on Thursday, a new legislation has passed by the US House of Representatives. It is to increase the number of SIVs that may will award to 8,000. It is to covering all possible qualifying applications in the pipeline.

Approximately 18,000 of these applications are being handled.

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