Saturday, December 9, 2023

PPP Leader apologized for inappropriate statements on CJP

On Friday, PPP leader Masoodur Rehman Abbasi rejected the apologies issued by the Supreme Court for making disparaging comments about Pakistan’s Chief Justice.

Abbasi had appeared before the Apex Court four-member bench, facing contempt of court charges, to account for his explosion. The SC has taken a suo motu notice on this issue.

Following Justice Umar Ata Bandial, who heads the review bench of the case, and who directed Abbasi to submit his response in writing this week, the PPP Leader presented a written apology before the high courts. Bandial said the PPP leader’s verbal declaration would not help the case.

On a public statement against the court last week Abbasi made disparaging remarks about the removal of the Karachi invasions witnessed in social media footage.

At whose request the PPP Leader spoke against the Chief Justice, Justice Mazahar Ali Naqvi summoned the federal investigative Authority (FIA) to find out who had given him the job.

“Without a well-considered strategy such a speech is not feasible,” the judge added.
At the hearing, the FIA official had indicated that they are questioning Abbasis and that the persons who induced him to make such comments “would not be spared.”

‘Show us our spot now, therefore’

As he made his apologies — which the Court rejected — his PPP leader stated it was troubled by family issues and his mother’s death.

Justice Bandial asked him about the petitioner and if anybody else had mentioned that anyone had ever made such a severe statement to the head of the PPP: ‘No head of justice has ever made such stern observations.’

Judge Ijaz Ul Ahsan stated in the meantime: “You said that if the court calls you […] since we have summoned you, you will remember our position. Show us our place. Show us our place.”

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