Friday, December 1, 2023

NEPRA allows tariff increase of Rs 1.37

The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (Nepra) raised power tariffs by Rs1.3771 per kilowatt-hour (kWh) for July 2021 due to a fuel cost adjustment (FCA).

The Central Power Purchase Guarantee (CPPA-G) requested a positive FCA of Rs1.4685/kWh with an impression of Rs22.3 billion.

On September 1, 2021, Nepra held a public hearing. The FCA of Rs1.3771/kWh was approved by the regulator.

Except for lifeline users, the FCA for July 2021 will be charged in the billing month of September 2021 and paid by all consumer categories of XW distribution businesses.

The total energy output in July was computed at 15,679.72 GWh at a basket price of Rs6.4653 per unit, according to data given by the CPPA-G. Electricity costs a total of Rs101.375 billion.

According to CPPA-G data, the net power delivered to distribution companies totaled 15,219.27 GWh at a total cost of Rs102.707 billion and a per-unit rate of Rs6.7485.

The CPPA-G also requested Rs1.753 billion in earlier adjustment/supplemental charges for the negative consumption of 7.48 GWh of power.

According to the CPPA-tariff G’s petition, the reference fuel rates for July 2021 were estimated at Rs5.2798 per unit, whereas the actual fuel charges were Rs6.7485 per unit, hence an increase of Rs1.4687 per unit was requested.

According to data given to Nepra, hydel generation was 4,694.67 GWh in July 2021, accounting for 29.94% of total generation.

Coal-fired power stations contributed 2,383.33 GWh, or 15.20 percent of total generation, at a unit cost of Rs8.4101, while HSD contributed 123.5 GWh, or 0.79 percent, at a unit cost of Rs19.3422. RFO-based generation was 1,612.34 GWh, or 10.28 percent of total generation, at Rs17.0783 per unit.

The amount of electricity generated by gas-fired power plants was 1,361.17 GWh, or 10.28 percent, at Rs8.1720 per unit, while RLNG supplied 3,137.68 GWh, or 20.10 percent, at Rs12.0604 per unit.

Nuclear power reactors contributed 1,659 GWh, or 10.59%, at Re1 per unit, while electricity imports from Iran totaled 40.09 GWh at Rs11.6663 per unit.

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