Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Several Politicians also come to get whitening injections, says Shaista Lodhi

Pakistan’s popular morning show host and actress Dr Shaista Lodhi revealed that several politicians have cameto her clinic to get whitening injections. She along with PML-N’s leader Talal Chaudhry recently appeared in program ‘Jashn-e-Cricket“.

She addressed questions in different part and stated in interview that many actors have gone to her to lighten their skin. According to her, everyone now wants to watch new material and content in Morning shows. More than half of the individuals have horrified by the morning show’s material.

Shaista Lodhi added that she sees a lot of people seeking for whitening injections at her clinic. Her clinic named ‘Shaista Lodhi Aesthetics Clinic’ located in Karachi.

Moreover, she remarked that Nadia Khan isn’t innocent enough. She may made a joke or poked but Sharmila Farooqi should end the dispute now. However, she believes Nawaz Sharif was not a better PM than Imran Khan when discussing politics.

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