Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Police in Karachi urged to stop targeting unvaccinated

Karachi police have been ordered to cease action against unvaccinated individuals after 38 people who did not have Covid vaccination certificates were apprehended as a result of the tough guidelines issued by the government.

It was reported that Additional Inspector General Karachi Imran Yaqoob Minhas, according to sources, has ordered all officials to put an end to the crackdown on unvaccinated citizens.

He stated that he was made aware of the arrests conducted by police officers against unvaccinated persons while travelling on the highway. He went on to explain that the directions were given for restaurants, hotels, wedding halls, and private meetings since residents were not permitted to attend without being inoculated with the virus.

AIG stated that cops were not sent to instil terror among citizens, but rather to implement the COVID-imposed Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

In an earlier statement, Sindh’s chief secretary raised concern over the strict instruction, claiming that law enforcement officials were not interested in inspecting vaccination cards in the country’s largest metropolis.

Meanwhile, police said the action was done after the Sindh home department addressed a letter to the IGP, DG Rangers, and DCs, stating that action should be taken due to non-implementation of SOPs, and that fines should also be enforced in addition to the action.

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