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Police brutality: man killed in custody despite court order for release


KARACHI: A man in police custody for a land dispute was murdered Tuesday by what injured family members say it was police brutality.

Despite court orders to release the victim, the Sohrab Goth police held him in extra-judicial custody and demanded a bribe of Rs 100,000 to comply, the family of the deceased claimed.

A man named Rehman was arrested by local police in a land dispute five days ago, but when his family was issued a release order from the relevant court, police blocked the trial and allegedly demanded bribery of the family.

The grieving family claimed they paid the police 15,000 rupees to expedite the release, which had already been approved by the court, but to no avail.

The family said when they went to the police station today to meet their arrested relative, the police initially lied about their hearing and then, after hours of wandering and dodging, notified them of his death.

But his difficult situation did not end there, the family said, because when they arrived at the morgue where the body of the deceased was kept, police added insult to his wound and denied transferring the body. The family said they had asked the court to order custody of the body and an autopsy to investigate the cause of death.

It should be noted that the late Rehmat was arrested at a real estate agency in Sohrab Goth, who was arrested in a case registered against him by a man named Mehboob Tareen.

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