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Poland’s main opposition party supports liberalization of abortion rules to win votes

Poland’s main opposition party is calling for ban on abortion must relax in order to win votes from Polish youth.

While the Centrist Civic Platform (PO) announces changes to its platform, changes to the law are unlikely till 2023.

To win the Polish youth vote, Poland’s main opposition party on Thursday called for changes to country’s controversial abortion law. It amid significant policy shifts growing divisions over the issue in the predominantly Catholic country.

However the Civic Platform (PO) announces changes to its platform, legislative changes are unlikely in the current election period. It will last until 2023.

The Constitutional Court ruling that nearly banned abortion last October has generated a broad consensus in Poland for nearly three decades that abortion should only permitted in cases of rape, incest, threats to maternal health and fetal abnormalities.

The decision also shows increasing support among young voters, especially for liberalizing abortion rules in line with mainstream Europe, despite nationalist government support through court decisions.

PO announced after consulting doctors, women should have access to abortion in “difficult” situations within 12 weeks of pregnancy. While having better access to sex education, birth control, in vitro and prenatal testing requests.

“It is an answer to the expectations of our voters. A clear position on this issue, ”said PO Chairman Boris Budka at a press conference.

Political observers say young voters, many of whom fill the streets with protests for weeks after the court ruling, could be vital to the outcome of the next general election in 2023.

Polls show young people turning sharply to the left. The ruling Law and Justice Government (PiS) attracts older and poorer voters. PO establishments have relied on centric voters and moderate conservatives for more than two decades.

Poll and Survey reports

A poll published in February by the Polish daily Dziennik Gazeta Prawna showed that quite 40% of Poles, especially younger voters, believe that abortion rules should be liberalized.

A survey conducted by SW Research shortly after the court ruling found that more than 70% of Poles opposed the decision to further restrict abortion rights in the country.

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