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PML-N party workers seeks historic welcome for Maryam Nawaz


Sindh leaders of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) stepped up their efforts to welcome Maryam Nawaz, the party’s central leader, to her first political appearance in Karachi to attend the meeting of the Movement. to live. Pakistan Democratic Party (PDM) Sunday. , October 18th.

After the October 1999 coup, when General Pervez Musharraf took over the country and imprisoned the Sharif brothers in Landhi Prison, Maryam Nawaz and their mother Kulsoom Nawaz traveled regularly to Karachi to meet Nawaz Sharif. and Shahbaz Sharif.

At the time, their visits were non-political and mainly stayed at the residence of Majid Sultan Khwaja, a friend of the Sharif family and a former senator, in an affluent part of the city.

However, as Maryam’s political career had grown after Nawaz’s physical absence from the political arena, Sunday’s PDM rally will be her first public appearance in Karachi, the country’s largest city where the PML-N enjoys. an important support.

Maryam, the PML-N vice president, now also considered by many to be the heir to her father’s political legacy, is currently leading the party after the arrest of the party chairman and his uncle, Shahbaz.

She was scheduled to speak at a PDM rally in Gujranwala on Friday and arrive in Karachi on Sunday to address the opposition party’s rally in the city. PML-N Sindh has formed several committees to ensure Maryam received a tumultuous reception.

In this regard, a meeting on Tuesday at the House of the Muslim League, the provincial party secretariat in Karachi, led by Sindh President Shah Muhammad Shah, to develop a strategy to welcome Maryam on arrival at the airport. . of Karachi and make the party’s presence visible at the PDM meeting.

Several committees were formed that would be responsible for motivating the workers, organizing her transport to the airport to meet her and to the assembly point at Mazar-e-Quaid.

Khwaja Tariq Nazeer, leader of PML-N Sindh, said party supporters and workers from Sindh, especially Karachi, were delighted to welcome Maryam to the metropolis and stepped up efforts to make arrangements for the girl. of the supreme leader of the party.

“A large relief camp will be set up at Karachi airport, while other camps will be set up throughout the city,” he said.

He added that his speech at the PDM rally on Sunday would not only serve to boost the confidence of the opposition parties in their campaign against the ruling Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), but also help to boost the party. strengthen. Karachi.

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