Thursday, March 23, 2023

PM Imran Khan will end inflation in 5th year of his government: Sheikh Rashid

In a statement released on Wednesday, Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid said that Prime Minister Imran Khan would eliminate inflation by the end of his fifth year in government.

During an address to the media in Rawalpindi today, he stated that eradicating poverty was the main priority of the government. He emphasized that the mini-budget will be passed under any and all circumstances and that it was vital to keep the dollar rate under control.
“I cannot understand the stomachache that the opposition is experiencing,” said the interior minister, who also pledged that the premier would serve out his five-year term.

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The leader of the Awami Muslim League (AML) stated that his party was a “forever coalition partner” of the government and that local government elections would be held the next year.

When asked if the construction of Nullah Leh in Rawalpindi would cause disruption or displacement, he responded that the project will help people out of poverty by providing employment opportunities.

He also stated that the Ring Road project in the garrison city would be completed in the near future.

Rashid stated that he would unveil his book on 50 years of politics on 5th January and that they had not allowed any land grabber to have a foothold in the country during the previous five decades.

He predicted that a large parade would take place on Pakistan Day. He stated that the administration had requested that the opposition parties hold their demonstration on March 30 rather than March 23, and he announced that for the first time, JS-10 fighter jets would fly above the city.

Sheikh Rashid said a storm had risen around Nawaz Sharif’s return while saying he was willing to pay for his ticket “despite being a Sheikh”.

Nawaz Sharif has the option of returning if he so chooses. The fact that this is the case makes no difference.”

According to Rashid, “every political party [in Pakistan] desires to have the support of the establishment, which has decided to stand with the elected [Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf] administration.”

In his conclusion, the minister stated that he and his party would run in the upcoming elections under the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan once more.

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