Monday, September 25, 2023

PM Imran Khan summons to Supreme Court in APS case

The Pakistan Supreme Court summoned Prime Minister Imran Khan on Wednesday in the Army Public School (APS) matter.

A three-member panel led by Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed called the premier to appear at 11:30am.

During the hearing, the attorney general asked the court for time to call the prime minister. The bench was enraged by the government’s lawyer’s request.

The court told the attorney general that Imran Khan must appear before the bench, and that the parents of those killed in the APS massacre were also there.

On December 16, 2014, TTP militants invaded the Army Public School in Peshawar, killing over 140 people, predominantly youngsters.

During the previous hearing of the case, the parents of the children slain in the 2014 terrorist assault had requested that the Supreme Court summon the country’s top civil and military authorities and file cases against them.

The victims’ parents had also asked the apex court to conduct a transparent investigation. The court had urged the attorney general to investigate or file charges against individuals responsible and report back to the court.

When the hearing began today, the attorney general informed the court that FIRs cannot be filed against high leadership.

That the incident occurred due to a “security failure” that the government should accept, and that top civil and military leaders should have known about the attack, enraged the government’s counsel.

The chief justice then stated that while Pakistani agencies and organisations have access to vast amounts of data, “our security agencies fail” to protect the people.

“State institutions should have taken decisive steps against it,” Justice Ijaz ul Ahsan stated of the APS killings.

During the hearing, the attorney general requested time to consult with the prime minister and other officials.

But the bench indicated this was a serious case and it would summon the PM for answers.

The attorney general has requested more time for the prime minister to appear. The bench was enraged by his appeal and claimed the parents of the APS massacre victims were in court.

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