Saturday, December 2, 2023

PM Imran Khan says that now the salaried class can buy a home

Prime Minister Imran Khan said Sunday that the housing program in Naya Pakistan was offering, for the first time in Pakistan, a low-cost salary to buy a home.

Practically speaking on the telethon about new housing projects, the Prime Minister urged the SBP Governor and the President of the National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) to make every effort to provide facilities and said that the new housing program was important for the country’s future.

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“For the first time, breadwinners who do not have enough money and who live in rented houses own their own homes and the rent they pay is converted into installments. After the house was built, the construction industry did it. ” Imran khan said.

“There are 30 other industries involved, meaning there are a revolution and the creation of livelihoods across the country, “he said.

In rich countries, Europe and America, he said, people always buy houses with bank loans and pay installments, there is no tradition in Pakistan and this is the first experience of this.

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