Monday, December 4, 2023

PM Imran Khan permits Sindh to extend the limitations to Covid19

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday allowed the Sindh government to extend lockdown restrictions for another week to help curb the spread of the coronavirus in the province.

“The provinces make their own decisions regarding Covid-19 independently, and Sindh may extend the lockdown restrictions for an additional week if it deems appropriate,” the Prime Minister said as he spoke at a meeting of the National Center for Command and Operations (NCOC.)

A source told Dawn that Sindh Prime Minister Murad Ali Shah had asked the prime minister that the provincial government would extend lockdown restrictions for another week.

The source quoted the prime minister as saying, “The province makes its own decisions independently, taking into account the situation in COVID.”

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The Prime Minister expressed satisfaction with the government’s performance and the intensity of the disease in the current third wave. “I am pleased that NCOC’s insightful solutions and strategies have allowed us to reduce the disease to a large extent,” he added.

Prime Minister Hahn said the government wanted to reopen all shops when the third wave of Covid-19 was over. “We are monitoring the situation closely and will reopen all shops soon,” he added.

He stressed the need to wear masks strictly on everyone who goes outside.

In addition, Prime Minister Imran Khan chaired the second meeting of the Board of Directors of the Special Technology Zone Authority and approved the rules for the Special Technology Zone.

The meeting was briefed on the government’s progress over the past four months in turning the agency into an effective and viable organization that promotes technology transfer, research and development, attracts foreign direct investment, creates jobs, and stimulates IT exports and import substitution.

Prime Minister Imran Khan Khan was informed of the progress made in establishing a special technology zone in Islamabad. At the meeting, it was announced that leading IT companies including Huawei, Rapidev and Samsung have shown great interest in exploiting business opportunities in the Specialized Technology Zone.

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