Thursday, February 22, 2024

PM Imran Khan Orders Expedite Sui Gas Exploration Licensing

Prime Minister Imran Khan has directed that licenses for domestic sui gas exploration be issued as quickly as possible, as well as that obstacles to the installation of new liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminals be removed.

The directions were made by Prime Minister Imran Khan while presiding over a high-level meeting on the gas crisis. He directed the appropriate authorities to remove any obstacles that were standing in the way of investors’ plans to build new LNG terminals and virtual pipeline projects.

During the meeting, the participants were given an overview of the demand for and supply of Liquefied Natural Gas from domestic reserves, as well as the shortage and import of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG).

A briefing was provided to participants, who were informed that the country’s current restricted demand for natural sui gas is 4700 Million Standard Cubic Feet Per Day (MMCFD) during the winter season.

It was stated that the present domestic supply is 3300 MMCFD, which is decreasing year after year, and that the resulting shortage must be met by importing LNG from other countries.

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Specifically, Radio Pakistan said that the current capacity of domestic terminals is being maximized, and the process of granting virtual pipeline licences is being expedited.

Apart from that, work on the construction of two new LNG terminals is currently continuing, with all obstacles being removed on a priority basis.

Prior to that, on December 22, while presiding over the federal cabinet meeting, Prime Minister Imran Khan asked the Ministry of Energy to ensure that the export industry received the largest amount of natural gas possible.

Hammad Azhar, the Minister of Energy, had updated the cabinet on the current state of gas supply to industry, as well as the efforts being taken by his ministry to alleviate the gas shortage.

He also organized a three-member committee under the direction of the prime minister, Hammad Azhar, to ensure that gas supplies to export sectors were not interrupted. Hammad Azhar, Razzak Dawood, and Shaukat Tarin are among the members of the committee.

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