Friday, February 23, 2024

PM Imran Khan Launches Pakistan’s First E-Commerce E-Tijarat Portal

PM Imran Khan has launched Pakistan’s first e-commerce web portal name as E-Tijarat, which he says would serve to encourage trading while also assisting the government in its efforts to bring transparency to the industry.

E-Tijarat Portal, Pakistan’s first e-commerce online portal, was officially launched today by Prime Minister Imran Khan. At the E-Commerce Pakistan Convention, he announced the establishment of a zero-tax policy for freelancers who are currently registered in the country, among other things.

“Since coming into power, I’ve had repeated a sentence, Don’t get panicked [Ghabrana nahi hai]. Everyone knows about the crises in the country after our government came to the power as we are going towards bankruptcy.”

In the past, I’ve told my cabinet members not to panic, and now I’m telling the opposition not to panic as well.

Imran Khan, Prime Minister of Pakistan, stated that many people affiliated with the information technology (IT) sector have become billionaires, and that his party, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), has given special attention to both the IT sector and young. As a result of the advancement of information technology, the world has reached the digitalization era.

“Pakistan has the ability to meet the target of Rs50 billion in IT exports.” said the minister. Some industries have already achieved this, with IT exports increasing by up to Rs3.75 billion in the last year. We will remove roadblocks in the way of our youth’s development and give them with resources. “We intend to take full advantage of the technological transformation that is taking place.”

“People like Bill Gates are extremely fortunate. Bill Gates made the decision to use their resources for the benefit of the general public, and he donated money to Pakistan to aid in the eradication of the poliovirus in the country. I’m curious as to what other business interests Bill Gates might have in Pakistan. Since one year, there has not been a single poliovirus case reported in Pakistan.”

“We had invited Bill Gates to Pakistan, and we had requested his support in developing Pakistan’s information technology sector. He had promised us that he would inform us of good news as soon as possible. “Every time this nation has been given a chance, they have proven that they are capable.”

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According to the premier, the government is also working on enhancing the facilities for cricket in Pakistan.

The premier stated that the PTI government is attempting to build a consistent educational system in order to eliminate discrimination against the poor and the wealthy in the country. In his recent speech, Prime Minister Khan stated that his administration is preparing the youth to fly to the next level.

He promised that the PTI government would provide the greatest amount of help possible to the youth.

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