Thursday, March 30, 2023

PM Imran Khan announces to increase FC Rangers salary

After paying gratitude to security officers who foiled a terrorist attack at the FC headquarters on Tuesday, Prime Minister Imran Khan approved a 15 percent salary increase for Rangers and FC employees.

During his presentation to the security forces in Nushki, he stated, “I wanted to pay gratitude to the members of our security forces who prevented a terrorist assault.” He also added he wanted to transmit the message that the entire nation is behind them.

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As a result, he continued, the Pakistan Army has fought terrorism in tough circumstances and has saved innocent lives while sacrificing its own.

Imran Khan stated that as soon as he received word of the Nushki attack while in China, he made the decision to travel to the region. The president stated that he had received reports that our soldiers had battled heroically against terrorists.

He claimed that terrorist funding comes from outside sources, as well as from forces who want Pakistan to be divided into pieces.

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While announcing a 15 percent rise in compensation for FC and Rangers employees, the prime minister stated that he was aware of the difficulties that the general public was experiencing as a result of rising prices. PM Imran Khan  noted that the problem was a “global phenomenon.”

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