Friday, September 29, 2023

Piers Morgan jabs Prince Harry, Meghan Markle

Piers Morgan calls Meghan Markle and Prince Harry “award-winning The Good Morning Britain host blasted Fox & Friends for honouring the couple.

“These two swindlers fled royal service, and Britain… misused and fleeced their royal titles for millions,” Morgan writes.”The Kennedys praising them as heroes in America makes my stomach turn.”
“It symbolises the melancholy of modern celebrity when two people trash their family on public television,” he continues.
“Harry’s book is coming out, and he’ll do it again to his father, the king, who’s still mourning his mother.”
He labelled Meghan Markle a lousy actress who married into a family, took our favourite prince to America, and is now attacking the monarchy.
“As a monarchist and someone who loves this country, I believe it’s disgusting that they’re being branded heroes by a Kennedy. “I’m speechless.” Morgan:
Morgan called Kerry Kennedy’s praise of the Sussexes “disgusting” and “shame on her for besmirching her father’s name.”

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