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PIA’s Roosevelt Hotel in New York is “haunted by ghosts”


A room in the iconic Roosevelt Hotel, owned by Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) in downtown Manhattan, New York, is inhabited by ghosts, according to a guest who had stayed at the hotel.

According to a TripAdvisor review, a user named Shaye booked a room for two at the Roosevelt Hotel in March last year, both of which they perceived as haunted.

Here what Shaye stated

My boyfriend and I stayed there. As soon as we arrived we felt this strange feeling in the room, but we decided to ignore it. Then I got into the shower and saw the curtain move. But I thought I was getting paranoid. When I got out of the shower my friend said, “I feel like there is a ghost in this room” and I said, “It’s so weird that you say that because I swear the shower curtain was just moved.”

This experience scared the two customers, leading them to look for another hotel.

We clearly started to panic and were changing hotel but as we were only there for 2 days we decided to stay. However, during those few days we felt very uncomfortable! None of them would be left alone in the room.

After leaving, the two guests investigated paranormal activity at the Roosevelt Hotel online. To his surprise, his fears were also confirmed.

We wanted to research the hotel but decided to do it as soon as we left because we didn’t want to be scared anymore! So when we left we found all these spooky YouTube articles and videos. So what we went through was real. Absolutely breathtaking. It’s really spooky there

Commenting on this review, a representative from the guest relationship at the Roosevelt Hotel said:

Thanks for sharing your comments. Hmm, we can’t say we’ve heard of the haunted hotel before. The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel (not related to us) has stories of its oppression, but we can certainly say we didn’t receive any ghost sightings. We hope that on a future trip to New York you will consider giving us another chance to receive it.

It is worth mentioning here that several guests shared their experiences of paranormal activity while staying in a private room at the Roosevelt Hotel, 1408.

This may be due to the placebo effect generated by a 2007 American psychological horror movie based on Stephen King’s 1999 short story titled “1408”.

John Cusack played Mike Enslin, an author who explores supposedly haunted places.

During the movie, Mike Enslin rents room 1408 in a New York hotel, where he is detained and experiences strange paranormal events.

By the way, these scenes were shot in room number 1408 of the Roosevelt Hotel in downtown Manhattan, New York.

Therefore, the placebo effects due to the 1408 film cannot be excluded.

However, the Roosevelt Hotel, owned by the PIA, will close on Oct. 31 due to volatile economic conditions.

In an official statement, Roosevelt Hotel management said:

Due to current economic shocks, after nearly 100 years of welcoming guests to the Grand Lady of New York, the Roosevelt Hotel will unfortunately close its doors permanently from October 31, 2020.

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