Saturday, December 9, 2023

PIA will operate flights between Islamabad and Manchester

According to reports on Saturday, PIA will run flights to and from Islamabad and Manchester until the British Red List bans Pakistan on April 9.

The national airline will fly four more return flights between Islamabad and Manchester, according to reports. The flight, which will take place between April 6 and 7, will carry 1,400 passengers, according to the company.

This will encourage visitors to return to the UK after spending the extended Good Friday and Easter holidays in Pakistan. The flight estimated to cost 400,000 rupees, according to reports.

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Federal Planning Minister Asad Umar insulted Britain earlier in the day for placing Pakistan on the “Red List”. “Every country has the right to make decisions to protect the health of its citizens,” Umar tweeted a day after Britain put Pakistan on the “red list”.

“The British government’s recent decision to red list several countries, including Pakistan, raises legitimate questions as to whether the country’s choice is science or foreign policy,” he said.

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