Wednesday, November 29, 2023

PIA permits goods to be transported on passenger seats

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has allowed passengers to carry cargo in the passenger seats of their planes during the pandemic.

According to the national airline’s safety instructions, its passengers have the right to carry luggage in the passenger compartment, but the crew must ensure that the load on the seat does not exceed the height of the rear seat and that the load is loaded in the cupboard. and must be done in such a way that emergency outages cannot be prevented.

In addition, the load must be protected by approved joints.

The guidelines also state that galleys and toilets may not be used for cargo and that at least one row nearby (i.e., every fourth/fifth row, or possibly) must be left empty to continue firefighting.

The notice warns that dangerous goods must be loaded into the waiting area in accordance with approved operational regulations and procedures, not to be carried into the passenger cabin.

The airline has ordered two flight attendants to circle the cabin every twenty to thirty minutes to look for fire or smoke.

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