Sunday, December 10, 2023

Philippines start vaccination against coronavirus

The Philippines start vaccination program against COVID-19 on Monday. Health workers were the first to be vaccinated against in a campaign that came too late as the country tried to secure supplies for one of the most persistent coronavirus epidemics in Asia.

Health workers at six public hospitals in the capital region received the Chinese-donated Sinovac Biotech vaccine on Sunday, the only dose the Philippines has received to date.

“Indeed, you are a hero in this time of the pandemic, so it is very fitting to be the first to receive the vaccine,” spokesman for President Harry Roque told health officials.

“The Philippines start coronavirus vaccination campaign, less than a day after the arrival of the Sinovac vaccine CoronaVac donated by China”.

The Philippines has reported a total of 576,352 cases of COVID-19. Including infections with the more contagious variant of the UK coronavirus. It recorded 12,318 deaths.

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The goal is to vaccinate 70 million of its 108 million inhabitants this year to gain swarm immunity. And reopen an economy that saw its steepest decline in 2020 largely. Due to severe restrictions on movement from the environment in March.

The Philippines is chasing its neighbors in Southeast Asia despite having one of the worst coronavirus problems in the region.

He was the last person to start a vaccination program and was obliged not only to ensure vaccine supplies but also to convince people to take them for safety reasons.

Vaccine hesitancy growing

Apart from these obstacles, the entry of vaccines has also accompanied by an increase in vaccine variability in the Philippines. In a recent study, about 19% of Filipinos said they would like to vaccinated against COVID-19.

The number published by a study by the Octa Research Group is lower than previous studies. Among them is a Pulse survey conducted in Asia which found that 32% of Filipinos would be willing to get covid vaccination. Hence, If a COVID-19 shot was available from November to December 2020.

A social weather station survey conducted in September 2020 found. As a result that 66% of Filipinos were ready to vaccinate at that time.

“Currently, health professionals aim to vaccinate at least 50 to 70 million Filipinos by the end of 2021. Enough to reach the recommended 60 to 70% of the population that scientists think is needed to achieve herd immunity”.

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