Wednesday, November 29, 2023

PHC looking for registration for frontline health workers’ vaccination

The Punjab Health Commission (PHC) has concentrating on Covid and non-Covid private hospitals and laboratories that are approved to complete their frontline health workers’ registration for Covid-19 vaccination took in the first place.

According to the letter sent by the commission, all staff of such healthcare institution which are providing treatment to Covid-19 patients at the Covid-treating hospitals collecting and processing samples of Covid-19 PCR tests and also take part in the screening and triage of suspected patients with the Covid-19 must be registered for vaccination.

In addition, it is said that general doctors whose clinics are registered at the PHC. In this case, they have been directed to contact the heads of the respective regional health offices to register as frontline health workers.

A commission spokesman said, generally give the priority to only registered workers for the vaccination against Covid-19.

In addition, all private Covid hospitals as well as approved laboratories have been provided with entries and passwords on the Covid dashboard. And their administrators can register their employees at

“In the case of private hospitals or laboratories, they can send an email request to Here is without a login and password they can contain the registration number of the PHC and the contact details of the person in charge,” in addition he say.

The process of getting a vaccine against the corona virus

If you are a world-class health care professional, you can verify that you qualify by sending your CNIC number to 1166 or visiting

The first step is to send a confirmation message containing the Adult Vaccine Center (AVC) and a PIN code. You will then be notified of your meeting.

You will then need to visit AVC with your CNIC and PIN. The AVC healthcare worker will confirm the appointment and verify the CNIC code and PIN.

Vaccination staff confirms vaccine entry at NIMS and an SMS is sent for confirmation.

You must remain under supervision for 30 minutes after vaccination. For dual vaccine, messages will be sent within seven days.

You can read more detailed instructions for registration from this link.

Pakistani frontline health workers say, there are no side effects of COVID-19 vaccine

According to Pakistani health officials, there are no side effects from the COVID-19 vaccine

Frontline health workers in Pakistan who received the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. Encourage their colleagues there is no any side effect of vaccine. So that’s why, do not hesitate to get it.

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