Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Pfizer started Anti-Covid Pill Trials

Many nations are actively urging their citizens to get vaccinated against Covid-19. Because it is currently the most effective method of protecting ourselves and others around us from the virus. The question is, what happens if you contract Covid-19 despite having vaccinated? Pfizer is taking a deeper look at anti Covid pill as a result of recent clinical trials conducted by the company.

In a recent announcement, the pharmaceutical company stated that they had initiated a middle-to-late stage clinical research for anti-Covid medications. Those who have been expose to the virus might take these pills orally to combat the illness. The idea is that it would be similar to other oral medications, such as Tamiflu, which has consumed by people who are suffering from influenza.

It has claimed to aid in the prevention of the condition advancing and getting more severe. Which is similar to what the vaccination has intended to accomplish. To fight against the virus, according to Pfizer’s chief scientific officer Michael Dolsten, “we believe effective treatments for those who have contracted, or have been expose to, the virus will be require in addition to the influence that vaccinations have had on the virus’ spread.”

The Anti Covid pill made by Pfizer has also known as a protease inhibitor. And it has intended to aid in the prevention of the virus from multiplying. The business began developing the medicine in March 2020, and the current trial will involve 2,660 adults. And will be use to evaluate the drug’s safety and efficacy, among other things.

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