Monday, February 26, 2024

Pete Davidson’s history with Kim Kardashian boosts his appeal

Pete Davidson’s relationship with former Kim Kardashian, as well as his wit, make him appealing to famous ladies.

Apart from Emily Ratajkowski, the former Saturday Night Live star has dated Ariana Grande and Margaret Qualley.

A body language specialist, Judi James, told the Daily Mail what makes the comedian popular with A-list Hollywood women.

To attract famous women, James cited the King of Staten Island star’s “strong Alpha vibe” and “measured his relationships in months instead of years.”

She said Davidson’s luck with Kardashian and Ratajkowski stems from his ability to laugh at himself, which is rare with “toxic exes.”

“Not only does Pete appear like he’s punching above his weight, he acts like it, too.” In a flattering way, he looks star-struck.

Beautiful women tend to attract arrogant narcissists. Pete looks like the opposite, which may be refreshing.

James said Davidson’s job helps generate an “alpha feel” in an industry where celebrities “take themselves too seriously.”

James stated of his relationship with Kardashian, “His relationships are measured in months rather than years, but without horrible, ego-crushing ends.” He might be the ultimate “fun and crazy” treatment for any woman coming out of a painful divorce.

“Dating Kardashian adds sexuality and defiance to a star’s profile, which makes them a sought-after fashion piece.”

When you watch Pete with his dates, it’s usually the ladies initiating sexual signals while he sits, seeming grateful. “In a world of controlling exes, this may be therapy for women,” said James.

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