Friday, December 1, 2023

Pete Davidson reacted to Kanye West over dropping by brands

Pete Davidson has convinced that karma is punishing Kanye West for his anti-Semitic comments that cause brands dropping. Many businesses have revoked endorsement deals with him.

In the past, the former SNL actor has had problems with his mental health. Whereas, Ye used to make it worse by launching online assaults on him for dating Kim Kardashian. However, Pete has upfront about his difficulties with mental health, so there is also a part of him that is compassionate.

According tp sources, the comedian has revealed that he has relieved after West shifted his hatred towards others. But things took an intriguing turn as the rapper caused a stir across the world by tweeting that he was doing death con 3 on Jewish People.

He never imagined that Kanye will go after so many people in the same ruthless manner that he came for him. A portion of him believes that everything that Kanye is getting is a direct result of his own actions.

As a result of Kanye West declaration of war on Jews, numerous brands are dropping their their businesses with him. These brands included Balenciaga, GAP, Vogue and Adidas. This also caused Ye to lose his status as a billionaire.

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October 28, 2022 6:05 pm

Kanye West chose to work with the talent agencies, fashion houses, music labels, attorneys, etc. that he now says held him back. But yo, Ye—- those were your choices! These are talented people and companies you decided to work with to gain power, money, extol your vision and gain market share. And now you are condemning them? You lost control of how they interacted with you. Stop blaming others and own up to your mistakes. Make the necessary changes that are best for you without hurting others and burning all your bridges.

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