Sunday, October 1, 2023

Pete Davidson and Emily Ratajkowski’s romance doesn’t upset Kim Kardashian

It has been stated that Kim Kardashian is concentrating on her personal life and raising her children now that her ex-boyfriend, Pete Davidson, has moved on with Emily Ratajkowski.

According to a source who spoke with Entertainment Tonight, the reality TV star is “not disturbed” by the relationship between her ex-boyfriend and the new woman, despite the fact that fans have speculated that she is “insecure” about them dating.

The insider told the outlet that the founder of Skims is “trying to focus on herself and the happiness of her kids” and that Kim “knows that things are over between her and Pete.” The source also stated that Kim “knows that things are over between her and Pete.”

The insider went on to say that “she simply wishes for everyone to have the best life possible and to be happy.” “Her primary concern right now is making sure that both she and her children are happy.”

According to the source, she has been relying on her well-balanced routines at work, with her diet and fitness, with her family, and with other things.

Her family is her support system, and she enjoys spending her time participating in activities that are in any way connected to her family. Her children are doing exceptionally well, and they express that they feel cared for in every respect.

This comes after fans of the celebrity said that she has been “bothered” by Pete and Emily’s relationship, which is why she has been posting provocative pictures on her Instagram account. 

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