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Peshawar Zalmi drops the coolest anthem of PSL history

While every team in the Pakistani Super League (PSL) tries to improve their audiovisual play every year. Peshawar Zalmi is way ahead. Not only compared to other bands, but also in other music and video industries. Their National Anthem 2021, produced by young maestros Abdullah Sidiki and Altamash. By far the most creative and cutting-edge audiovisual presentation released in the league in six years.
Sidiki not only has the ability to turn sand into gold. But the electronic music genius is a promising and prolific songwriter whose style is constantly evolving.

Kingdom is a captivating combination of electronic music and heavy rock singing that flourished. As a medieval sacrificial ritual and destroyed everything on the roof.

Peshawar Zalmi’s Anthem — PSL 2021

A pair that makes a convincing entry and exit with cricket players who are visually treating as film and diva characters like Esra Belgic, Mahira, and Hania Aanmir and have enough style to match the great Sidiki concept. However, the greatness of Sidiki, and especially PZ.

Is a continuation of a larger topic and is now the main discussion about the PSL national anthem.
From veterans accusing each other of starting PR campaigns to amplify their music to the post-colonial deconstruction of Punjabi.

We’ve seen it all at PSL. Ali Zafar, Fawad Khan, Akhtar Chanal, Asim Azhar, Ali Azmat. Also Naseebo Lal, Aima Baig, Faakhir, Young Stunners. Call and others have contributed to a special type of music that takes place every year under this PSL umbrella.

This marriage between cricket and music always celebrated when it not appreciated. This is even more true during the PSL, where viewers from different cities can wage war on the grass via memes. Definitely a funnier by-product of the PSL extravaganza than any official national anthem.
It can be said that Ali Zafar’s Seeti Bajaygi is a good song. She has all the cinematic elements from a drama and a wedding to organizing a family celebration representing Pakistan. Maybe that’s what PSL has needed when it started as a ship for international players and spectators.

Sport is war without shooting

But the franchise and its appeal have changed over time, and the league has gradually evolved from being just a way of promoting a soft image.
Philosophically, sport is the last thing that can be used to promote peace, diplomacy, yes, but not really peace.

In fact, Orwell went so far as to say, “Sport is war without shooting.” One could argue that the world has recognized the importance of harmony since the two world wars, but conceptually the sport is deeply tribal, whether it starts with an SRK song, the strange return of ABBA, or a sacred sacrifice.

Something PSL takes, of course, because the game has been plagued by Bollywood badges and budgets.
Bollywood gave us a formula that we emulated for our good, but in the middle, mainly because of the pressure to turn such a platform into a Pakistan Day table, aggression has been replaced by celebration.

Luckily, Xulfi heard our call to rescue and released Hum Zalmi’s heavy but harsh national anthem for Peshawar Zalmi in 2019. Not only is he totally into playing, but he also sets the tone (at least for PZ) for the angry national anthem and strong.
Peshawar Zalmi a year later, my personal favorite and most importantly the very lazy, uninterested but brilliant rapper, the essence of Fortitude – Pukhtoon upped this with a cup. This year, the Sidiki government will remain. Pakistan’s king of electronic music arrived via Peshawar.

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