Peshawar University and BZU Multan accept requests to take the online exam.

Multan, who heads Peshawar University (UoP) and Bahauddin Zakaria University (BZU), decided to take his exams online after listening to their students’ protests against private exams.

According to a release from UoP, all department heads (HOD) who have not taken the mid-fall exam are directed to take them online.

In addition, the notification states that the online final exam is subject to University Commission (HEC) guidelines.

Likewise, BZU assured the protesters that they would carry out an online check.

Students are holding protests outside their university campuses across Pakistan, saying that their exams must also be taken online as their courses are held online.

Several protests in Lahore, Multan and Faisalabad turned violent and several students were injured in clashes with police and university security forces.

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