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People who benefit from the corrupt system oppose EVMs: PM Imran Khan

Prime Minister Imran Khan endorsed his government’s decision to introduce electronic voting machines (EVMs) in order to put an end to suspicions of election cheating in the country, but he cautioned that only the “benefits of the corrupt system” were opposed to the reforms.

The prime minister, speaking at the signing ceremony of Performance Agreements with federal ministers in Islamabad on Wednesday, stated that the main aim of deploying electronic voting machines was to make elections more transparent, and that EVMs would not help his government in any way.

The document contains approximately 1,090 initiatives and targets for all ministries, including 426 that will be completed in 2021-22, 488 that will be completed in 2022-23, and 176 that will be running initiatives that will supplement the overall delivery of ministries over the next two years, and possibly beyond.

The Prime Minister stated that, since 1970, everyone who has been defeated in an election has expressed their displeasure with the results. “Electronic voting machines (EVMs) will put an end to such controversies,” he said, noting that even the Senate elections had been marred by controversy.

He asserted that those who gain from the “corrupt system” were opposed to the EVMs because they have vested interests in doing so, stating that “these are people who do not want change in Pakistan because they have vested interests in doing so, and they are our adversaries.”

When asked about the performance of his government, the prime minister stated that the government’s first year in office was focused on surviving, whereas the government’s second year in power was focused on dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as a variety of economic issues.

Mr. Imran believes that the administration has not received enough credit for the way it has dealt with the pandemic and maintained the economy functioning well.

The prime minister stated, “This is our third year in power, and we have the opportunity to work hard and achieve the goals set forth by the administration.”

He went on to say that the performance of the PTI government would determine whether or not the party would be re-elected.

On the performance of the provinces, Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated that the true war is currently being fought in Punjab because the people of the province have been complaining about frequent changes in the province’s government. Adding, “If we fulfil these objectives, our coalition government will emerge stronger.” Additionally, the premier pushed his cabinet ministers to exceed the quarterly milestones established by their respective ministries, noting that the more they struggled, the more they would achieve. Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has stated that he has not learnt as much in his brief life as he has learned in his three years as the country’s leader. As he explained, he advises all federal ministers that the more effort and dedication they put forth, the bigger the heights they will reach.

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