Thursday, March 30, 2023

People shouldn’t sell kidneys for iPhones: Red Cross

After a terrible thing did happen in Vietnam recently, the Red Cross is warning that selling kidneys for iPhones is only funny or part of an internet meme.

A Vietnamese clinic in Laos called Dr. Nith put a picture of three patients with bloody bandages and iPhone 14s all over social media. The message is simple: if you really want the newest iPhone, you must give a kidney.

Even though this image is first did make as a joke for marketing purposes, when it went viral, it caused a lot of trouble in Thailand and Vietnam. Once it’s public, a Red Cross official must critique it so it does not do believe.

Since then, the photo already does remove from a number of social media sites.

Sophon Mekthon runs the Organ Donation Centre for the Thai Red Cross Society. He said that the photo became unethical and unprofessional and that it could lead people to sell their organs. He also said that trading organs are against the law in Thailand.

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In this society, it is against the law to trade organs. This is against the law. It’s not funny to joke about selling organs. Especially not okay to say someone should do it so they can buy an iPhone. It’s against the law and bad morals.

Instead, he or she was told to sign up with the Thai Red Cross Organ Donation Centre as an organ donor after death. He said that there are now almost 6,000 people on the list of people waiting.

Over 2 million people sign up to use the Thai Red Cross Organ Donation Center.

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