Wednesday, November 29, 2023

People are still reluctant to be vaccinated: Dr Azra Pechuho

Sindh Health Minister Dr Azra Pechuho stated on Thursday that people in the province are still unwilling to be vaccinated against the new coronavirus.
During a news conference in Karachi, Sindh’s health minister stated that restrictions will be eased after people began getting vaccinated. She further stated that the proportion of coronavirus positive patients in Karachi is still more than 11%.
Dr Azra Pechuho stated that the coronavirus vaccination has been administered to all members of the national and provincial assemblies. “Coronavirus positive people are still being admitted to hospitals.”
She went on to say that Sindh has required that all provincial government personnel be immunised against the virus.

Sindh Prime Minister Murad Ali Shah declared on Thursday that immunisation against COVID-19 will be necessary for all residents in order to protect them from the coronavirus.
The Prime Minister also directed that no pay be waived for officials who had not been immunised against the dangerous coronavirus.

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The Provincial Working Group on COVID-19, led by CM Murad, met today to examine the province’s present condition and the vaccination programme.
“We must take severe steps to protect our population,” Murad Ali Shah stated, directing the health department to set up vaccination facilities in every region of the province.
“I want at least 300 basic vaccination sites in rural regions that can vaccinate 30,000 people per day,” he stated.
Murad Ali Shah, who set another goal for the health ministry, stated that at each level of the negotiations, five mobile vaccination teams should be organised.

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