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PDM undergo to overthrow the democratically elected government : Shibli Faraz


Information and Broadcasting Minister Shibli Faraz said Saturday that the leaders of the Democratic Movement of Pakistan (PDM) turned their obsession with power into an undemocratic pathway to overthrow the democratically elected government and wreak havoc on the country through their protests.

“The 11-party alliance, known as PDM, has only one ‘democratic’ name, but its narrative has nothing to do with democratic norms,” Shibli Faraz, surrounded by Kashmiri Minister Ali Amin Gandapur, told a news conference. Here. “The PDM story is ludicrous, because the so-called Democratic Alliance wants to rule in an unconstitutional and undemocratic way after the overthrow of the Pakistani government of Tehreek-e-Insaf,” he added.

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The minister said the current government was a “democratic” system that came to power after winning the last parliamentary elections, which were held transparently and then scrutinized by international organizations including the Free and Fair Election Network (FAFEN). ). Unlike the PDM, said Shibli Faraz, PTI filed an appeal to the Supreme Court to count votes in four constituencies, which resulted in the formation of a judicial commission, and it was proven that falsification occurred in these electoral districts during the general election that year. 2013. The party also raised the issue of [election fraud] in parliament, he recalled.

“Do these political parties who claim to be defenders of democracy use such a platform?” Do you go to the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) or do you file motions [for forgery] in legal forums or raise issues in Parliament and its committees? Shibli said when questioning the credibility of the PDM. What evidence do they have, “Shibli added, urging opposition leaders to release evidence if necessary to support their accusations of faking the latest general election.

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He killed the 11-party alliance and said the DPM launched an anti-government campaign after failing to accept the National Reconciliation Ordinance (NGO) to cover up its mistakes. He received a match from PDM chairman Maulana Fazlur Rehman and said he had launched a campaign against opposition leaders to topple Prime Minister Imran Khan. Faraz said Fazl’s party members showed suspicion, adding that there had been a “rebellion” in JUI-F. “Maulana Fazlur Rehman is immersed in worldly problems,” said Faraz, adding that Hafiz Hussein Ahmed and Maulana Sheerani had asked the JUI-F bosses to get back on track. Responding to the evictions of Maulana Sheerani and Hafiz Ahmed from JUI-F, he said Fazl’s attitude was “fascist”. Shibli said that the PDM was “falling apart” and they had “inside differences”. The Minister of Information said none of them wanted to withdraw from the meeting. He said the opposition party’s policy was to use threats rather than respond to incidents of corruption, adding that they were aimed at destabilizing the democratically elected government.

Gandapur said Fazl was not above the law and should be held accountable for his “corruption”. “Maulana Sherani also asked questions, he needed answers,” Gandapur said, adding that the JUI-F leader had called Fazl “elected”.

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The Federal Minister asked Fazl why he threatened the institution if he was not involved in corruption. “I will provide more evidence on the property of Maulana Fazlur Rehman, which costs billions of rupees,” he said, adding that the government would not spare him. The Federal Minister talked more about the expulsion of JUI-F leaders and said that removing people from the party is not a democracy. “PDM is the Dakoit movement From now on it should be called the Dakoit movement,” he added.

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