Sunday, October 1, 2023

PDE instituted a dress code for both male and female educators

The Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) has called for instructors not to wear jeans and tights while teachers must not wear jeans and t-shirts.

Every director was ordered to assure personal hygiene, including regular trims, beard cutting, nail cutting and perfuming, for his/her teaching and non-teaching staff.

‘To ensure that every member of staff takes relatively good steps in terms of physical appearance and personal cleanliness,’ the Academic Director said in a letter.

A simple and acceptable kameez shirt / dupatta / shawl for female instructors has been recommended by the regulatory body. It is only allowed to have formal shoes, such as pumps, loafers and mules. However, the long hours of teaching make it possible to utilize comfortable snowshoes like sneakers and sandals.

Males, including chains and slippers, cannot wear casual clothes. No longer allowed being long hair and ponytails. Male instructors in winter are able to wear sweaters and designs, while in summer they need to wear waistcoats with their shalwar kameez.

Research according to the letter showed that the perspective of viewers, whether they study or other people, is influenced by clothes. Based on the probability and conduct of pupils, a perspective imposes a highly positive expectation.

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